Your Poise is Too Important

Stand like a beauty queen. Romp like a model. But your dream will fade off if you do not have the proper posture to display.Posture is an integral part of our physical appearance. People complain about their bad posture. Yet, they have to understand that it is of their own making. People carry heavy shoulder bags all of their lives; they lift weight the wrong way that causes spinal cord injury or deformation (which is how a Santa Rosa Chiropractor can help you). People slouch when they feel tired. In short, people keep on punishing their vertebrae then complain later when they see the result of what they did – a very bad posture.

By a series of treatments, they will release the accumulated trauma in the spinal cord that caused it to bend in the wrong way. Of course, it is not an instant solution. It would take time to undo what a person had done to his spine in a lifetime. Continue reading “Your Poise is Too Important”


What if you Get in a Crash while on Vacation?

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Summer travel is one of our country’s favorite activities. With nearly 60% of Americans planning to travel more than 100 miles from home, it’s no surprise that once in a while, we’ll get a call. Accidents happen. Even on vacation.

It may be a fender bender car crash, or a slip and fall at a theme park, but no matter how you’re hurt, planning what to do after an unfortunate side trip to the Emergency Room is as important in vacation preparation as buying plane tickets or filling your gas tank.

The most important thing to do before leaving home or participating in vacation activities is to identify the dangers and risks that come with your trip. For example, travelling the highways at night may put you on the road with some sleepy drivers. Rental hotel units with ceramic tile may be very slippery – especially after an afternoon of swimming and putting on summers most popular shoe, the flip flop.

More adventurous vacationers should always visually inspect any equipment provided. Leaky kayaks, frayed zip lines, or poorly maintained


Insurance Exclusions in The Bahamas

legal-clinicIf you are involved in the shipping industry, you will be only too aware of how quickly challenging and difficult legal problems can arise at sea. When you need to make an insurance claim, the complexities of maritime law can present real barriers to getting the swift resolution you need.
A recent decision by the Commercial Court in the case of the B Atlantic [2014] EWHC 413(Comm) provides some useful insight into how the courts are likely to view insurance disputes, and in particular the construction of clauses relating to customs regulation exclusions.

In this case, the vessel B Atlantic had completed loading a cargo of coal in Venezuela when the authorities discovered a large quantity of cocaine strapped to the hull. The vessel was detained, the crew arrested, and in due course the Master and the Second Officer were charged with complicity in drug smuggling.

The vessel was detained by the Venezuelan authorities, and was eventually abandoned by its owner, who proceeded to make an insurance claim under a “war risks” insurance policy.

“War Risks” Insurance Policy: Clauses and Constructions

The insurance policy


Liability for Collisions under UAE Maritime Law

imagesHosting one of the world’s largest ports, Dubai has rapidly expanded to become a leading maritime hub. As an expected consequence of the growth of Dubai’s maritime industry, the number of marine accidents has steadily increased over the past few years, as Dubai Port police have reported that there were 53 maritime accidents in 2013,According to Marasi News, 9 of the 37 accidents that had taken place in 2013 were collisions.

Collisions cause a variety of adverse consequences, ranging from fires and explosions to loss of cargo and damage to the vessel, marine pollution, and death or injury sustained by individuals such as members of the crew. In the most extreme cases, the aforementioned effects may be coupled in the vessel sinking. Depending on the severity of the effects, damages for collisions may cost those who are liable millions in losses. The major area of concern during a collision is the allocation of liabilities amongst the parties implicated.

The purpose of this article is to address the legal issues surrounding fault and liability that arises from a maritime collision that occurs within UAE territory by applying the applicable legislation, the UAE

Usefulness of Legal Services by Personal Injury Attorneys

In many situations, people suffer unfairly because of the wrong doing of others. The suffering may be psychological or physical. In such cases, personal injury attorneys come in very handy, as they provide legal representation to people who have been injured as a result of the wrongdoing by another person. Many times, people disregard the importance of seeking the legal help of the personal injury attorneys but this should not be the case. The legal services offered by the personal injury attorneys are very useful in the following areas

Personal injury

There are times when one suffers very serious personal injuries. Such injuries include domestic abuse and could cause a lot of pain and suffering, threatening ones living standards, work security among many other forms of stress. In such situations, personal injury attorneys come in handy to fight for one’s future.

Auto Accidents. 

It is common knowledge that motor vehicle accidents lead as the cause of injuries in the world. In the case one is injured in collisions of automobiles, there is need for representation by a personal injury attorney who fights for justice on one’s behalf.

Business Law. 

Another way in which the services of a personal legal attorney are useful is in

How Divorce Affects Children


When speaking to a family lawyer about divorce, you will talk about everything related to the divorce. Finances, custody, property, and all other matters split between you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. Dealing with this side of the divorce is imperative, but you have to consider more than just what the divorce does directly. Divorce can have an effect on others that you may not realize. The effect it has on children is known. While not all children come away with psychological damage from a divorce, it is something that happens and that is a risk when parents do divorce. It is something that you must keep in mind going forward.

In a divorce, the focus on the children is primarily about custody. Both parents want to figure out a custody arrangement that works, though they may not always agree. Beyond custody, though, there is the health of the child. Mental health during such a stressful situation should be the top priority. The child can experience a variety of negative emotions during this time, leading him or her to lashing out

Find out how to protect your financial and parental rights in the divorce

family-lawDivorce is a difficult process to go through alone. The emotions, frustrations, and other feelings associated with divorce need not be compounded by doubts concerning legal rights. If you have decided to end your marriage, it is vital that you seek and retain competent legal counsel. You must, in other words, get a divorce lawyer Toronto.

Child custody, child support, and the division of marital assets are just a few of the matters that need to be settled during divorce. Although it may be difficult to see it clearly at first, you do have particular legal rights to preserve and material interests to protect during a divorce; and such matters are best handled by those most experienced and most qualified to do so.

Family law involves the entire range of issues related to divorce, custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. The lawyers who specialize in this field are well trained to defend the legitimate claims of their clients. Of course, not all divorce proceedings need involve extensive, and expensive, litigation. In many cases, arbitration or

An Overview on LLC Operating Agreement

If you are going to start a new venture, then there are certain things that you need to take care of. One of those things is the LLC operating agreement. So, before you take it up, let us first try to understand what is it all about, by discussing about it a bit. It is basically a document that is kept internally. The rule goes like this that all the members sign on it and keep this on file along with the limited liability company. This is not filed with any particular government organization, and neither it comes with a deadline or any sort of due date. But all these does not anyway mean that it is one of the most significant documents that any LLLC has at the disposal.

This is also called as an Operating and Member Control Agreement. It can also be called as a vital source of guidance and even a trustworthy direction for a venture, and no owner of the business can take the chance to ignore this part of the business paperwork.

The Types if Information That Need to be Included in the Agreement:

  • How is it possible to remove a member
  • How is it possible to remove

The Benefits of Choosing Good Notary Services in Oxford

Notary services are really important for numerous documents. However, the challenge remains to get notary services from someone who is qualified enough to hold the post. In case one opts for notary services from personnel who do not meet the requisite legal aspects, the notarisation of the documents becomes null and void. For instance, there are many individuals who claim to offer notary services in Oxford or in places around. Before trusting someone blindly for the notarisation of any document or for getting any Apostille services it is important to find out the reputation of that service provider. It is a good idea to consult friends or colleagues to find out whether a particular service provider can be trusted upon for hassle free notarisation services.

When it comes to notarisation services the functions that are included within its purview include overseas adoption documents, preparing of notarial certificates, company registration documents, powers of attorney for property abroad and notarisation of birth, marriage and death certificates. In recent times there are numerous agencies that cater to services related to the notary in Oxford and the best thing about these agencies is that the notarisation of documents gets completed without any difficulty. These agencies

Atlanta Family Lawyer

I’m very upset that this is happening but I have no choice but to file for legal separation in Atlanta. My husband has become withdrawn, absent and verbally abusive. I don’t want him around the children when he gets like that, so I’m moving out and taking the kids with me. I’m looking for a lawyer in Atlanta who can help me file for legal separation.

I’ve heard stories like this countless times. Each time is never any easier than the first time. However, the one thing that is the same is the fact that filing for legal separation in Atlanta requires the help of an attorney. No two marriages are the same and each separation will be approached in a unique way. When there are children involved, it is important to remember to keep them safe and remind them that they will be cared for.

Besides children, there are many areas of a marriage that will have to be sorted out in the process of the separation. For example, money, possessions, child-care, bills, debt, and medical care are all responsibilities that will have to be addressed. The best way to address any legal separation issues is with a qualified attorney. Don’t

Free Coweta County Divorce Records

If you want to acquire Coweta County Divorce Records, you can submit a request at the Georgia Department of Public Health or at locally at the county’s Probate Court or Clerk’s Office. The details are available for public access because they are deemed as part of the public domain. Citizens are allowed to submit a request so long as the requirements are met and also the guidelines regarding its use are observed.

To initiate a search, you must secure the right request form at the agency that you plan to submit your request. The form must be completed correctly by providing the information that it requires such as the name of the husband or the wife, their birthdays, respective address, and occupation, to name a few. Requestors are also expected to state their reason why they want to obtain the reports. If the custodian of the records is not satisfied with the stated reason, they have the right to reject requests. There is a $10 fee for every copy of record. Fees are payable through money order or a certified check and are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the search.

The Georgia Department of Public Health is the state repository for

Amador County Arrest Records Online

can be found from the County Sheriff’s office. The County Sheriff’s Office website gives the public access to facts about arrests, inmates, crimes and missing persons. One can also request for reports such as citations, incident records, criminal history reports, and arrest data through this website.

The most common reasons for requesting such information is a criminal background check. This is done to, maybe determine eligibility for employment and in general, to ascertain a newcomer’s private character to be able to protect the other people in the community. An extensive criminal history check will search further into a person’s past records, his/ her military history if any, gaps in his/ her previous employment, and other such important information. This will uncover any past conviction of felony and any form of misdemeanor, and may reveal if the certain individual is/ or was a sex offender. To perform a criminal history check, one can start with public records. In Amador County, these may be accessed through the Amador County’s website. For criminal history records, arrest records or police records, one can access this information in the County Sheriff’s Office website.

Amador County is the 46th most populated county in the state of California. Crime

What are Your Legal Rights as a Consumer of Volkswagen?

On the of October 2015 Volkswagen has been discovered from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that many of its diesel cars sold in the USA were fitted with a device that could detect when they were tested, changing their performance accordingly to improve results. The so-called “defeat device” was showing that the cars emit less and hiding the fact that the engines were emitting up to 40 times the of nitrogen oxides (NOx) than standards allow.


The EPA found this “defeat device” in diesel cars including the Audi A3 and the VW Jetta, Beetle, Gold and Passat models. Volkswagen has admitted that about 11 million cars worldwide, including 8 million in Europe, are fitted with the device.

This is wildly illegal as Volkswagen was not able to produce diesel car that had the ideal mix of performance, fuel economy and low pollution so it decided to achieve this via the “defeat device” to deceive regulators.

What are your legal rights as a consumer of VW?

Consumer Protection:
The consumer has basic legal rights if the product is:
-given a misleading description
-of an unsatisfactory quality
-not fit for tis intended purpose

What are misleading actions and omissions?
According to the EU Unfair Commercial

Are Foreclosure Rates Beginning to Decrease?

There have been various reports in the media indicating that foreclosure rates have fallen to pre-bubble crisis levels.

While this is great news for the economy and homeowners, many people are still struggling to make mortgage payments. This is especially true in Maryland, which has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.

If you are struggling to make mortgage payments and facing the threat of foreclosure, there are options available to you. Through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and the Home Affordable Mortgage Modification Payment (HAMP), you could work to reduce your mortgage payment.

Additionally, you can request a loan modification and/or mediation with your lender, which can help you cut down on interest.

Last week, it was reported that in the U.S., foreclosure rates fell in June to levels not seen since before the housing bubble burst eight years ago. Bloomberg reported that properties with a default, auction or repossession notice totaled 107,194 last month, down 16 percent from a year earlier and the lowest since July 2006.

This is good news, but again, more than 5.5 million people have lost their home since the housing market bubble burst, and many people are still struggling to meet their mortgage

Free Zones in Egypt: The New Start

Egypt started its free zones programs in the 70s; during this period the country’s policy was directed at attracting and retaining foreign direct investment and to increasing the percentage of import and export in the country. Therefore, Egypt has developed nine free zones:


1.Damietta public free zone
2.Alexandria public free zone
3.Ismailia public free zone
4.Media production free zone
5.Nasr City public free zone
6.Port Said public free zone
7.Suez public free zone
8.Shebin El Kom public free zone
9.Qeft public free zone

The 2005 case study of USAID on free zones in Egypt it was revealed that from 2000 to 2004 the source of 75% of total investment into Egypt was from Egyptian sources. The finding gives an indication that free zones in Egypt were either not very well promoted, or had limiting factors preventing foreign investment to come in, therefore their contribution to the Egyptian economy was relatively low. The number of employees working in free zones of Egypt constitutes about 2 to 3 % from the total industrial and manufacturing employment force and this percentage is relatively low compared to successful fee zones in other countries where the percentage of employment in the free zones is from

Banking Regulation, Greek Chapter

The international financial crisis has triggered major developments in the European banking sector both in terms of formation and regulation. Subsequently, amidst the fiscal crisis in the euro area that became manifest in 2010, the creation of a European Banking Union became the most significant objective of the EU political agenda.

This objective led to the introduction of comprehensive EU legislation for the establishment of a Single Supervisory Mechanism, a Single Resolution Mechanism for unviable banks, a single deposit guarantee scheme and an enhanced single rulebook for the macroand micro-prudential banking supervision that would implement the Basel III capital requirements. In turn, Greek banking law and supervision has been modified to a great extent in order to keep up and comply with the rigorous EU initiatives. In addition, in one of the early efforts to safeguard the Greek economy from the adverse effects of the global financial crisis, Greek law 3723/2008 introduced the “Hellenic Bank Support Plan” with the goal of strengthening Greek banks’ capital and liquidity positions.

Greek banks [Endnote 1] although historically conservative and well-capitalised, have undergone particularly challenging conditions since the onset of the sovereign crisis in Greece: the successive downgrades of the credit ratings of the

Cruise Ship Injury During a Shore Excursion: Who is Responsible?

Cruise Ship companies, such as Holland America, can be held liable for injuries that occur during shore excursions.

The anticipation of the fresh ocean air, the endless blue skies and waters, the relaxation aboard a cruise ship, and the beauty of having little to no obligations attract passengers to cruise ship vacations. Trips are a time to break from the normal stress of work and allows for families, loved ones, and spouses to enjoy each other’s company without the burden of outside responsibility. However, when over 2,000 passengers board a cruise ship bound for open ocean waters, not all its passengers have the luxury of releasing their obligations. The cruise ship company has a duty to its guests that they remain safe regardless of the activity, whether the cruise ship company organizes the outing directly or hires an outside excursion company to conduct the activity.

Recently, a Holland America Cruise, left Seattle on June 20 for a seven day cruise on the Westerdam to Alaska. In addition to their offerings on the cruise ship itself, Holland America Cruise Line sponsors additional excursion outings. In their most recent cruise to Alaska, they offered a sightseeing tour of the 2-million-acre Misty Fjords

Accessory Liability and ‘Common Design’

A recent ruling in the UK Supreme Court has helped to shed light on the complex issue of accessory liability and the principle of ‘common design’. The case of Sea Shepherd UK v Fish & Fish Limited 2015 UKSC began in 2010, when a fish farm operator was transporting live Bluefin tuna.

They were intercepted by divers from a campaign known as Operation Blue Rage, which aims to release captive fish back into the sea. The divers – who had been on the vessel the STEVE IRWIN – cut the cages holding the tuna, which consequently escaped.

Fish & Fish Ltd moved to sue Sea Shepherd UK (SSUK), a UK-based charity, and the US-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), together with an individual, the a director of SSUK. Fish & Fish Limited argued that SSUK was liable because it was the legal owner of the STEVE IRWIN, and because the individual was a director of SSUK. At that time SSUK had only one employee, whose activities were largely awareness-raising based.

The trial judge rejected Fish & Fish Ltd’s arguments, finding that the SSUK director had been acting on behalf of SSCS (not SSUK), and that SSCS had not required SSUK’s authority

What if I Ignore a Florida Credit Card Lawsuit?

After served with a Florida Credit Card lawsuit, depending on the balance alleged by the creditor or debt buyer, the Defendant has to either: File a written response to the lawsuit within 20 days (balance over $5,000), or Attend a small claims pretrial/mediation conference (balance under $5,000).

But, what if I ignore a credit card lawsuit and do not attend the pretrial or file a written response?


When a Defendant fails appear at the pretrial conference or timely respond to the Complaint, the opposing side may move for a default. Once a default is granted, a default judgment or final judgment may be entered. By failing to appear or respond, the Court reviews the supporting documentation, but almost always grants a judgment for full amount requested by the creditor or debt buyer.


As part of the default judgment, most courts will require you to complete a fact information sheet. The fact information sheet is a 2 to 3 page worksheet requiring you to disclose a great deal of personal financial information such as your employer, spouse’s employer, family income, savings/checking accounts, vehicle information, boats, etc. The fact information sheet must be returned notarized under penalty of perjury, and

New Tax Incentives to Attract Investors in Cyprus

The government of Cyprus has announced new amendments in the island’s tax system in order to attract foreign investment and increase Cyprus’ economic activity.


This measure enables companies to deduct deemed interest on new equity funds as of 1st January 2015.
The interest will be calculated based on the basis of a reference interest rate . This rate will be based on the 10 year government bonds yield, plus 3%.
NID Formula = (Reference Interest Rate) x (New Equity)
The NID cannot exceed 80% of the taxable income of the company in that year.

The reasoning of introducing the NID is to boost new investments and decrease the tax burden of the corporate sector.


From July 2015 the investment income(dividends, interests, rent) of individuals who are Cyprus tax residents but are not domiciled in Cyprus will be exempt from defence tax. This applies to both income that come from sources in Cyprus and abroad.

Such an exception aims to encourage the relocation of high net-worth individuals in Cyprus.


According to the legislation of Cyprus individuals who are Cyprus tax residents and have an

Foreign Infusions into Charter Capital of the Company in Ukraine: Benefits and Guarantees

Foreign Invested Enterprise” in Ukraine, what should we know about benefits and guarantees.

“Foreign Invested Enterprise” is the term that we hear in daily business life in Ukraine more and more often. But what features does it hide? Let’s try to understand.

First of all, it should be noted that enterprises, established with participation of foreign investments, are subjected to currency and customs regulation and taxation according to the rules established by the legislation of Ukraine on currency and customs regulation and taxation of companies, on one level with created without the participation of foreign investment (Ukrainian Law, Art. 2 “On elimination of discrimination in the taxation of business entities, created with the use of property and funds of domestic origin”).

Moreover, since May 15, 2010 registration of foreign investments has been carried out on their own, now it is the choice of each investor but not its duty. But if you decide to register a foreign investment, it is necessary to become familiar with the benefits, guarantees and features of this procedure in Ukraine.

Foreign investments in Ukraine have number of advantages over direct foreign credits: purposive character of investments, an investor interest in improving the efficiency of business enterprises in

Bangladesh Enacted Financial Reporting Act 2015

Recently Bangladesh introduced a new law for regulating financial reporting.

After much delay Bangladesh parliament passed the Financial Reporting Act 2015 it is officially published as gazette.

This is a big step for ensuring more transparency and accountability in financial reporting activities. After the recent crisis in the stock market, the need for monitoring the auditing and accounting activities grows louder. Back in 2003, the World Bank recommend to establish an independent oversight body in a report.

The last caretaker government approved a financial reporting ordinance, however it was not approved by parliament later on. In 2012, a financial reporting law was proposed by the concerned community. After three years, the long awaited the law has been passed.


From now on, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) under the Act, will be the regulatory body for ensuring transparency and accountability in accounting and auditing of financial organisations, including various government, autonomous and non-government institutions. It will also monitor activities of the country’s chartered accountants and cost and management accountants.

Previously the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) was the one and only governing body of the country’s chartered accountants.


to setup / adopt the Accounting Standards/Financial

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in the Cayman Islands

The Foreign Judgments Reciprocal Enforcement Law (1996 Revision) (the “Law”) allows a judgment creditor to apply for the judgment to be registered in the Grand Court and thereafter is deemed to have the same force and effect as Judgment of the Grand Court. However, at present the Law extends only to the enforcement of Australian Judgments. As a consequence of the limitation of this statutory remedy, most foreign judgments are enforced at common law.

Common Law Remedies

All other foreign judgments must be enforced at common law. This includes judgments obtained in the United Kingdom and the United States. To do this, it is necessary to issue a writ of summons in the Grand Court to sue upon the foreign judgment and thereafter seek summary judgment.

A foreign judgment will only be susceptible to enforcement in this way if it is final and conclusive (although this would appear to include summary and default judgments obtained in foreign jurisdictions). It is no longer necessary for a foreign judgment to be for a specified sum.

In Badone v Sol Properties [2008] CILR, the Grand Court was willing to enforce a foreign judgment for specific performance of an agreement to transfer shares. Non-money foreign judgments